AWS Cloud Quest – A quick look

New ways of learning are emerging across learning platforms. Many prefer to have interactive learning with role plays, personas, and hands-on labs. AWS is a leader in cloud computing and they provide various ways to keep up with the services offered by them. What is it? - Cloud quest is the interactive role-playing gamified learning … Continue reading AWS Cloud Quest – A quick look

Next in Android

Like the famous Netflix show - ‘My next guest needs no introduction’ every year around this time the next in android is a known surprise - ‘Next version of the android OS’. So this year its about ‘Android P’. Looking at the timeline from google on the rollout of this version, we can clearly understand … Continue reading Next in Android

Learn, connect, share from conferences, meet-ups

The world at its current state is more connected. Everyone of us are connected to other in many means like FB, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on. There are lot of platforms that make this human connection possible. With many ways to connect each other, multiple times many asked me about why it is still necessary … Continue reading Learn, connect, share from conferences, meet-ups