The Emergence of Intelligent Mobile Apps

While smartphones represent the most convenient way for businesses to engage their customers, the emergence of IoT is expected to usher in a new generation of devices, ending the reign of smartphones. As mobile apps are no longer made just for smartphones, we believe the key shifts in mobility will center on how we interact … Continue reading The Emergence of Intelligent Mobile Apps

Mobile apps: Third-party integration strategy

Mobile applications interact with different services, share and aggregate data, unify the functionalities, etc to give a unified experience to the user. Mobile apps are both producers and consumers of data, depending on the type of the application. Businesses across the globe interact with partners, vendors and leverage modern technologies to provide more value adds … Continue reading Mobile apps: Third-party integration strategy

Implicit requirements in a mobile application development

It's been almost a decade that smartphones were introduced. When the smartphones were launched 10 years before there were not many capabilities except for making voice calls, limited browsing, taking decent photos, listen to stored music, etc. However, as years passed, the capabilities of smartphones have increased by multiple folds. Mobility and mobile app development … Continue reading Implicit requirements in a mobile application development

Intelligent Elegant Mobile Solutions

Mobile applications are getting smarter every day. These smartness are result of the actions that are taken based on the information collected from the user. Actions of the user on the mobile application are gathered as data and sent to server. The analytical engine then decides what action to perform to more engage the user … Continue reading Intelligent Elegant Mobile Solutions