Major themes and products announcement @ IO 2019

Google IO is one of the most awaited developer conferences of the year. It's more amazing to see how a search giant has transformed themselves into a company providing tools and software for developers from mobile to web to cloud. Amid much fanfare this year's Google IO kick-started with their vision and transformation statement - … Continue reading Major themes and products announcement @ IO 2019

Future of android application distribution using ‘Android app bundles’

Android has finished its 10 years anniversary recently. No one could have predicted this massive success. Android have changed the way the smartphones are developed and used, just like what iPhone did to the smartphone industry. When it comes to android development, many things have changed over the years, new OS version over other, etc. … Continue reading Future of android application distribution using ‘Android app bundles’

Google IO => AI, 2018

Last year at google IO 'AI first approach' was promoted by google, moving away from 'Mobile first approach'. Today's Google IO was a reflection of that. Google's path is 'AI must approach'. Less on products such as android or flutter or firebase or any usual google developer tools. All the product announcements, demos and solutions … Continue reading Google IO => AI, 2018

Next in Android

Like the famous Netflix show - ‘My next guest needs no introduction’ every year around this time the next in android is a known surprise - ‘Next version of the android OS’. So this year its about ‘Android P’. Looking at the timeline from google on the rollout of this version, we can clearly understand … Continue reading Next in Android

Hosting made simple with Firebase

Often we find hosting static content of data for web or mobile applications very difficult. Even though there are many CDN providers who offer solution through cloud systems, it always involves multi step or not an easy step. Why Firebase Hosting is apt for mobile/mobile-web developers to host static contents? Well, if you are a … Continue reading Hosting made simple with Firebase