AWS Cloud Quest – A quick look

New ways of learning are emerging across learning platforms. Many prefer to have interactive learning with role plays, personas, and hands-on labs. AWS is a leader in cloud computing and they provide various ways to keep up with the services offered by them.

What is it? – Cloud quest is the interactive role-playing gamified learning experience offered by AWS to get hands-on experience on AWS skills. Currently, Cloud Quest offers 5 different roles in the learning path.

AWS – Cloud Quest vs Certificates? – Preparing for certificates themselves does not involve any practical AWS experience. It is more theory-oriented. Cloud Quest is good for beginners and also experienced professionals to practically experience the AWS skills in the form of labs that run in a real AWS sandboxed environment. Even to clear the AWS certificates, Cloud Quest can be taken as one of the steps apart from other learning materials.

How does it work? – Every challenge in the Cloud Quest has 4 steps. – A) Learn, B) Plan, C) Practice, and D) DIY. Every quest is a problem statement. The solution center will help with all 4 steps.

A) Learn – Video and theory about the AWS services

B) Plan – Walkthrough of the entire solution design

C) Practice – Step by step guide to walk through part of the solution

D) DIY and validate – Few steps in the solution design have to be done by the learner and the result will be validated by AWS

Generally, the lab time is 2 Hours. There is no limit on the number of times to try the same challenge again and again until you make yourself comfortable with the challenge and the learning.

Is it available to all? – AWS skill builder is generally available for everyone across the globe.

How many languages are supported? – Currently, Cloud Quest is supported in 12 languages.

Why would I recommend AWS Quest for learning? – The hands-on lab experience helps to understand the theory part of the learning. Also, there is no necessity to clean the resource in the AWS account since the AWS sandbox account with the prerequisites is generated as part of the course. There is no need to worry about how much AWS billing would incur for trying out a new quest. It is all covered as part of the monthly or annual fixed subscription cost.

What’s the pricing? – For individuals – There are 2 options. 1) Free plan and 2) Paid subscription plan. The free plan offers access to only 1 role-playing learning. Other 4 role-playing learning options are available with the paid subscriptions.

Individual paid subscription plans

How to pay for the subscription? – The subscription will be charged along with other AWS services in the AWS monthly bill. Signing up for an AWS account is mandatory for subscribing to cloud quest.

What are the different subscription options? – A) Individual and B) Team subscriptions are available.

Digital learning options provided by AWS

Summary of all the role-play challenges offered in AWS Cloud Quest

## Topics Covered
1 Cloud Computing Essentials
2 Cloud First Steps
3 Computing Solutions
4 Networking Concepts
5 Core Security Concepts
6 Cloud Economics
7 Databases in Practice
8 File Sytems in the Cloud
9 Connecting VPCs
10 Auto-healing and Scaling Applications
11 Highly Available Web Applications
12 First NoSQL Database
13 Serverless Foundation
14 Resource Monitoring
15 Deploying RESTful APIs
16 API with Database
17 Single Page App
18 Data Ingestion Methods
19 Analyzing Network Traffic
20 Resoure Governance
21 Automation with CloudFormation
22 Decoupling Applications
23 Backing Up Data
24 DNS
25 Content Delivery Networks
26 Container Services
27 Setup a Cloud Development Environment
28 Templating Serverless Applications
29 Design NoSQL Databases
30 Triggers – Aggregating Data
31 Integrating Serverless Applications
32 Parallel Data Processing
33 Orchestrate Serverless Workflows
34 Deploying APIs Gradually
35 Continuous Delivery Pipeline
36 Image and Video Analysis
37 Setup ML Environment
38 Spy Drones Detection
39 Bring Your Own Model (BYOM)
40 Anomaly Detection
41 Reinforcement Learning
42 Get Home Safe
43 Tensorflow and Computer Vision
44 Extract Text from Docs
45 Text-to-Speech
46 Speech-to-Text
47 Customer Sentiment
48 Identity and Access Management
49 Security Policies
50 Lambda Security
51 Playing with Encryption
52 Secrets Management
53 Protecting Data at Rest
54 Securing APIs
55 Serverless Authentication
56 S3 Security
57 Compliance Enforcement
58 Securing Your Servers
59 Securing a Three-tiered Architecture
60 Edge Protection
61 Infrastructure as Code
62 Secure Self-service Infrastructure
63 Incident Response
64 Application Logs

And finally, How to cancel the subscription? – We can cancel the subscription here –

Share your experience with new ways of learning in the digital ecosystem.

Happy learning!

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