Artificial Excellence derived from Human Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is evolving and trying to take over humans. This is a statement that is being told by big companies and believed by many like you and me in the industry. True or might be partially true.

True Artificial Intelligence will be achieved when there is natural processing of information. Artificial General Intelligence(AGI) is true AI.

What is Artificial Excellence?

Artificial excellence is all about doing things faster by multifolds when compared to humans. One view to look at it is hyper automation. Take an example – Image recognition – Many companies like Google, IBM, Wipro, Microsoft etc have API’s that takes an single image as an input and derives the maximum possible insights and information from the image. They use deep neural networks with multiple hidden layers to arrive at context and content. However, all these do not add any value if context at different levels cannot be processed though a single complex processing unit like human brain.

Trying to map human senses with computer senses

I want to illustrate this with an analogy by taking human senses as an example. All actions that humans do is based on the inputs out from many of the senses. If there is no senses I don’t think there is anything for human brain to process. So brain is the real intelligent unit which knows what it has to do with the stimulus it got from various sense organs.

I have tried to match the human senses with the API’s or models that are available for the computer science engineers and scientist to build algorithms on top of it.

Mapping between human senses and the available ML API's
Mapping human senses with existing models and API’s

As I mentioned above the real path to True AI starts once when machines can start understanding all the senses and send those contextual and descriptive data to high end processing units.

What is Human Intelligence?

I am not sure whether we are in the ages of letting the machines decide everything – Being the real central processor like human brain. The real intelligence behind building algorithms on how to process the data collected by various sensors and how to response to stimuli of the machines sense is where human intelligence is involved.

This intelligence will change many of the deployment models in processing data from cloud to edge.

This intelligence is needed to isolate the unwanted data at the root level itself.

And this intelligence is needed to differentiate good and bad.

So artificial intelligence is not replacing humans. Infact, I feel more human efforts will be needed to achieve true AI.

AI is just a transition and not a replacement of human need.

Artificial Intelligence is a fusion of Artificial Excellence and Human Intelligence in creating Excellent Humans.

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