Artificial Intelligence, Technology and the human side of it.

Artificial intelligence had the biggest break though in the past couple of years because of the super Computational capabilities being built by big companies around the world. But what are these intelligent machine agents trying to solve? AI is a broader area ranging from ML to Deep learning to Neural networks. So why do we get deeper to understand stuffs? Because AI is the real technology that touches people’s life and help them solve real world daily problems. Or in other words being the real companion for humans.

We have launched navigating machines to Mars. But that is the power of technology and science. It has no AI part to it. Its the technology that scaled from being a mission sent from Moon to Mars.

AI is not going to be as massive of the technology that we described above. It’s going to start with a simple use cases in fields like

  1. Education – A simple interactive tutor(like humans) which can help people from under previledged countries get access to high quality of education like in advanced countries.
  2. Health care – Advancement in medical sciences which can really assist doctors in analysing and treating patients with more accuracy and less errors
  3. Life sciences – Prediction of what might happen in the future because of yet to be identified micro organisms and how could we possibly prevent it.

Ans so on.

I see this as just the beginning of how AI will help humans in their day to day life.

AI learns from millions of existing data. AI being good or being bad is dependent on the data that is used to train them. True AI will be achieved when the AI platforms can by themselves identify what is good and bad.

It will be interesting to see how technology supports AI in the years to come.

So far technologies have helped humans simplify their tasks. AI’s strong fundamental bricks should be to guide and help humans with right things.

Certainly, AI is adding the most invaluable intelligence to the human society and it would grow even more in the next years to come.

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