Why Not – This can be a near future?

Looking at the rate in which the current technology is changing, there is going to be a massive change in the way we see the world.  Advancement in certain areas are opening up possibilities like never before.

Why Not use the lower altitude sky space more effectively? –

Drones are getting popular for various reasons ranging from their usage as toys to transportation.

  1. What if drones can be rented and let to be rented like Lyft/Uber does with the car?
  2. What if drones can be used as the last leg in the final delivery of the products to customer in Amazon?
  3. What if drones can be used  by any individual on a needed basis for a short distance transportation rather than relying on USPS?

YES – That would be amazing and will have a huge leap in saving time and energy. Drones can achieve all of the things that we have highlighted above. However, now there is a competition for the air space. Now the open questions are –

  1. How should the air space be allocated to different operators?
  2. What kind of objects are permitted in drone transportation?
  3. How to secure the sky space?
Demonstration on ATC vs Future DTC

Why Not have a super reality combining AR and VR?

Rather than developing a solution that targets AR and VR. Why can’t there be a solution which comprises of both and gives a richer experience. But one thing as I understand – Just AR can be targeted to anyone who just has a mobile phone with camera. Meaning to say there is almost no hardware upgrade at all. With VR – there is definitely a hardware upgrade at-least in the form of 15$ cardboard. Microsoft’s HoloLens seems to bridge the difference between AR and VR and promise to give a Mixed reality. But again, it comes with a huge price on the hardware itself.

Mixed reality can open up experiences like –

  1. Virtual demos, training’s, presentations, etc
  2. Virtual dressing experience in clothing
  3. Virtual shopping experience at home
Mixed Reality
Mixed Reality

Why Not have a common language for all?

With AI and ML getting improved drastically, sooner there is going to be a narrow line between humans and machines. In this inseparable combination and the improvements in the NLP have lead to some of the products like Amazon Echo and Google Home. You speak to these 2 products in a way you communicate to other human, however Alexa is able to translate them all to a form as understandable by other IoT devices.

As with the evolution of Computers and internet – Commands that are being understood by the computers are more of a human language rather than a Machine language.

Improvements in this areas can be helpful in tasks like –

  1. Patient assistance in hospitals – As truly assistance rather than a programmed robot
  2. Inventory/product managers in retail and grocery stores
Human Machines

All the above were a quick snapshot thoughts on some of the current technology and innovation trends. As with every other big companies and their innovation commitments – Inventions and technology advancements should make world a better place to live in.

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