Quick look at quantum computing

Quantum computing is in the very early stages of being fully utilized by enterprises for their use cases. But in theory, it is promising. Leaders across enterprises from different domains are trying to understand how quantum computing would help them in the future.

Sharing some basic understanding of quantum computing from my learning.

How is quantum computing different from classical computing?
1) From Bits to Qubits
2) From 0s and 1s to 0s, 1s and superposition
3) From transistors to quantum transistors
4) From exponential computing to linear computational growth (i.e., n qubits can take the values of 2^n)
5) From trying out all possible probabilities to the ability to narrow down the option by reducing noise using quantum interference
6) From single-bit representation to entangled pair of qubits using quantum entanglement

Quantum computing ecosystem

What is it for the leaders?
1) How to ensure that the products developed are not only based on a data-driven approach (Known data available from the past) but also with a discovery-driven approach (Unknown data available from the future)?
2) What problems need quantum computing which cannot be solved with today’s classical computing?
3) What type of investments to make to ensure that competency is built within the enterprise?
4) When and what is the right time to start solving problems using quantum computing?
5) What’s the current state of the enterprise with respect to cloud, edge, automation, blockchain, AI, and 5G? Being prepared with the basic blocks would help plugin quantum computing in the future.
6) What types of assessment are to be done within the enterprise to isolate the quantum computing use case?
7) Mapping the quantum computing needs to business value

What is it for the development community?
1) How to get an awareness of quantum computing? What type of resources to look forward to? Where to find the same?
2) How to understand quantum computing by looking at the available current use cases?
3) What can you do to keep the enterprise responsible for providing quantum computing literacy within the organization?

Some areas in IT where we can immediately benefit from quantum computing maybe –
1) Testing an application for different states at the same time. Quantum computing can be extended as an additional testing tool in the automation testing pipeline
2) Analyzing weak ciphers used within the organization by extending quantum computing as a tool for cyber security testing

Other general use cases that we encounter in everyday life can be given a thought with a quantum computing lense in my thoughts are –
1) Modernizing the existing infrastructure
2) Optimizing the city traffic

Finally, it takes awareness and learning of quantum computing to understand where it standout from classical computing. At least for now, quantum computers are not here to replace classical computers. Rather they work in conjunction with classical computers where it takes super classical computers longer to solve a problem.

Please do share your thoughts on how quantum computing would be used in your enterprise use cases.

Happy learning!

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