Distributed computing, Holistic AI, etc., What could you possibly see next in your favorite applications?

Almost all computer technology companies’ goal and vision is to solve the world’s problems by making products and delivering solutions that most people can use. There is never a proper way to determine what is next for a new or existing product. Companies try to adopt strategies like user experience surveys, A/B testing, beta launches, crowd testing, open forums, etc., to understand the consumer needs and where they would want to go from there.

This blog is a thought about what the big technology companies can do with their applications across different industries.

1) Safe, secure, anonymous social media – We have plenty of social media applications for a variety of needs from posting to tweeting to sharing pictures. The possibilities of anonymous identity using blockchain technology can improve the freedom of speech and collaboration better without getting biased.

Anonymity in social media

2) Non-fungible content management system – Stealing digital content from others is not new. Content management systems and platforms can leverage the modern NFT for digital assets management with a decentralized Id for asset tracking. Also, generate a revenue stream for the assets with an inbuilt DRM (Digital Rights Management).

NFT digital assets in CMS

3) AI Guided stockbroking – AI-based investing in stocks (Robo Advisor) is becoming popular. The missing piece of the puzzle is to understand whether a person should invest or not depending on the current financial scenario in life combined with how much and when should the investment be made.

Small case stocks bundled using Robo Advisors

4) Maps for self-driving cars – Even though electric vehicles don’t mean self-driving vehicles, EVs are popularizing self-driving cars and are fast adopting the technology to achieve the same. Several map applications running on android and iOS mobile phones can feed in live traffic data to the cars rather than the cars relying only on the on-device AI software.

Maps for self-driving cars

5) Verifiable professional identity – Be it owning a business or freelancer or a salaried employee, all of us do work. However, not every work is verifiable. By adopting distributed computing and SSI (Self-sovereign identity) we should be able to provide authenticity to any work across any domain and industry. This direct authenticity eliminates others to claim or fake the work they do.

Employer-Employee professional SSI

Share your thoughts on how you would like to improve some of the most commonly used solutions for better user needs using the latest technology.

Happy learning!

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