Google I/O keynote – 2021 – Announcements and takeaways

Google IO is one of the high-profile developer events that millions of developers across the globe wait for every year. This year the event was hosted online. Google’s ecosystem has a diversified developer portfolio that includes web, mobile, watch, TV, auto, cloud, etc.

As expected the highlight of the event was AI, and how AI powers google products, and how can other developers get inspired, learn, develop, and implement those offerings in their products.

What does Google want us to learn from demonstrating their products? – Every business and enterprise use cases are unique and different from each other. Every organization is finding ways to improve its product. Understanding Google products and the technology that empowers them helps us to ideate and think through the new solution design for our product development.

Below are the highlights from the Google IO keynote and the takeaways to build awesome products.

Maps, Search, and Workspace
Meet, Chrome, and Assistant
Photos, Lens, and TPU
Quantum computing, Password manager, and Federated learning
AR, Shopping, and Android
Android TV, Android Auto, and Smart watch
Cameras, Health, and Project Starline

Please share your comments on the takeaways from IO.

Happy learning!

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