Google IO 2017 – Developer Keynote (3 of 3) – AI and Firebase

AI first approach has been put forward by Google in this year’s Google IO. Machine insight on the human needs are going to dramatically change the way of traditional problem solving.

For developers across the globe – The current momentum is about unlearning and learning. Not just that, more importantly learning to learn is the key on this ongoing transition.

Let us see on what google have announced on AI and Firebase on this year’s Google IO –

AI and Firebase
AI and Firebase Announcement Highlights

Democratizing AI –

Making AI algorithms available as API’s. Some of those API’s include –

  1. Cloud Vision API
  2. Cloud Speech API
  3. Cloud Jobs API
  4. Cloud Translation API
  5. Cloud Natural Language API
  6. Cloud Video Intelligence API

Introduction of Tensor Flow – Version 1.2 – An upgrade to the tensor flow machine learning framework introduced by google in November 2015.

Cloud Machine Learning Engine – For large computational machine learning capabilities.

Second Generation Tensor Processing Units (TPU) – To train and run models. 180 Teraflops.

Cloud TPU’s on GCE – Rent TPU’s through Google Compute Engine like other infrastructure through Google cloud platform.

Firebase – 

Last year firebase was introduced as a cross platform tool on android, iOS and Web for app quality and monitoring.

Stream View – Live data of the users.

Analytics integrates seamlessly with Big Query. This helps not to worry about scaling the application.

Fabric and Firebase will be integrated soon.

Cloud Functions – Java script code that runs on a cloud. This can be called by an URL.

Cloud Functions Illustration
Cloud Functions illustrations with simple use cases

Firebase hosting + Cloud Functions = Static content from firebase hosting, accelerated through cloud functions to provide dynamic data through the cloud.

No matter whether it is a native mobile app or web app, cloud functions lets the developer to isolate the common functionality catered through cloud.

Firebase Performance –

Provides performance parameters of the app in the below 2 main categories –

  1. Startup time
  2. Network responsiveness

Try some of this new features and let me know your feedback on the usefulness of the same.

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