Google IO 2017 – Developer Keynote (2 of 3) – Assistant and Chrome

Let us see the developer announcements on Actions on Google and Chrome

Actions on Google

Last December, actions on google was introduced to develop apps for Google Home. Actions on Google is available in both android and iOS.

Easy purchases within the assistant – Transactions are introduced to be used within the assistant window.

Transaction Apps – 

Google facilitated Payments – (1) Easy to integrate, (2) Hundreds of millions of credit cards stored in google and are already available for usage, (3) Free

Seamless Account Linking – (1) Sign-in to an existing account, (2) Create a new account

Re – engagements – (1) Status of order, (2) Modify an order, (3) All transactions in a single history view

Order Updates – (1) Status updates asynchronously

Transactional app development are available for developers to start developing the apps.

App Directory

Listing based on (1) Category, (2) User rating

Try the app from app directory

Improving discover-ability is a continuous investment

Action on Google Developer Console

Seamless integration with Firebase and Google Cloud – (1) Follow up intent, (2) Pre-build Agents and (3) In – Dialog Analytics

Additional language support to assistant

Google Assistant SDK to power millions of devices

Actions on Google
Actions on Google – Developer Announcements


2B instances of chrome – Web is available in all form factors – Almost 5B active devices

Mobile Web Apps (+82% growth rate) > Native Apps (+45% growth rate)

McD – Menu board is powered by web and polymer

215 additional API’s shipped since last year – Payments – Offline media capability

AMP – 2B+ Pages – 900K+ Domains

PWA – Loads quick – Work Offline – Send Notifications

Twitter Lite as an demo app – Immersive experience – Add to Home screen – Fully integrated to platform – Available in android launcher like any other apps – Available under settings as well – Smaller app size (<1 MB) – Loads instantly on any connection type

Lighthouse – Tool to show on how to improve web experience – 100 Audits on site – Chrome extension/CL tool – Integrated to Dev Tools

wego as an demo – AMP – Payment Request – Credential Manager – Built by a single engineer in 2 months who is new to web development.

Chrome – Developer Announcements

Start using the latest features to improve the app experience and to reach varieties of customer.

Happy coding!

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