Google IO 2017 – Developer Keynote (1 of 3) – Android.

Unlike the usual Google IO, this year the developer keynote was a separate event.

There was highlights on the below areas –

  1. Android
  2. Google Assistant and Chrome
  3. MI/AL and Firebase

I would like to detail the announcements in 3 different blogs.

Below are some of the highlights from Developer Keynotes exclusively on android.

Jason started with some numbers on play store and developer training programs.

Play store updates and the 4 main theme in Android Development

First – Kotlin was introduced as an additional official programming language for Android. It is an additional language investment for Android. Kotlin provides a much cleaner and simpler code.

Kotlin and Java being the official programming language of Android

Java 8 support in Android –

  1. java.lang
  2. java.util
  4. java.crypto
  5. java.text
  7. java.nio
  9. java.time

It was assured that support to Java language will continue to be there and continue to keep working better.

Second – Below are the updates on Android Studio 3.0

Android Studio 3.0

Third – App quality and success –

Test labs improvement with new device catalog – Device targeting based on installs, revenue by device.

When the app quality increases from average to good,

  1. Spend increased by 6X
  2. Retention increased by 7X
App quality impacting spend and retention of the customer

Fourth – Android Instant Apps is open to all now.

Android instant app – App module before and after module definitions

As per google it take 4 to 6 weeks to fully start implementing apps as instant apps. Also google provides way to shrink the instant app by providing –

  1. Shared Library
  2. Asset Delivery
  3. On – The wire compression

Let us see more on Google Home and Chrome in next blog.

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