Mobile World Congress – 2017 and the take away for technical world

With the latest happening on the mobile world congress, I was more curious on the latest product line ups by leading mobile phone makers. MWC from its inception is changing every year and has admitted the fact that it shouldn’t be a place just to show smart phones. Just a little understanding on what MWC means to the developer community.

Highlighted three products which had my attention – 

Sony Xperia ‘Projector’ 

Purely based on the android platform. All your android tablet apps work there. There is no extra development needed on your apps. Sony claims this to be an android tablet. Not sure at whom the product is targeted. However, a good new form factor for the android geeks to try out.

Ford ‘Autolivery’ 

Ford with the recent acquisition of Argo AI has come out with a model to solve the last-mile challenge in delivery between the delivery trucks and the drop-off. Ford’s model combines the features of both Autonomous self-driving car (Typically this would-be delivery trucks) and Drone (Final delivery drop-off). With ford to announce more on the technology behind the scenes. It’s a wake-up call for the developers around the world to think about apps for auto and drones.

5G – ‘Fast Data’ 

Name any major brands in mobile manufacturing or cellular network providers at MWC and they had some demonstrations on the Next Gen Data – 5G. The take away are so simple. You get more freedom of use cases – Multi channel control of robots, More creativity around VR and AR and so on. However, the biggest question I have is – ‘Did we utilize the highest potential of 4G?’. Far more can be achieved in spaces like Drone – Auto – Day to day home appliances with the existing 4G. So developer community has no more constraints on the data size and speed.

Apart from the above some key initiatives that I noticed at MWC – 

4YFM – 4 Years From Now – A global community aimed at helping the startups and innovation out of that.

Women4Tech – This is a new initiative introduced at this year MWC, 2017. This aims at reducing the gender gap in mobile industry. This is a good move.  While we all speak about digital and digital transformation, its equally everyone’s responsibility on the women empowerment too.

YoMo – Youth Mobile aims at the encouraging kids to pursue their career in mobile industry with the importance of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Design/Art and Mathematics)

Finally coming to the award winner at MWC 2017 – 

Even though Samsung was criticized more for their Note 7 catching fire, Samsung managed to win the ‘BEST SMARTPHONE 2016’ with its – Galaxy S7 Edge.

Share your interesting take away as well.

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